's 4-Minute Workout: Tuesday

Powell's 4-Minute Workout: Tuesday

Wake up a bit earlier and drop 6 pounds this month. Just follow these oh-so-easy tips from Chris and Heidi Powell of ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss."

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-Can you really get a great workout in just 4 minutes? Absolutely. Trainers Chris and Heidi Powell of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss show you how. Grab your timer and get ready to sweat. On Tuesday, we'll do 2 minutes of hamstring bridges and 2 minutes of air squats. For the hamstring bridge, lie on your back with your heels on a hair. Lift and lure your hips for 2 minutes. For the air squats, stand with your feet hip width apart. Quickly squat keeping your weight on your heels and return to start. Repeat for 2 minutes.