Money On Back to School

Save Money On Back to School

Easy tips to help you save money now on all your back-to-school needs.

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-Many parents welcome the back to school season, but not the cost that come with it. Families spend hundreds of dollars each year on clothing, shoes, and supplies. Here are some easy ways to save. Make an inventory of all the clothes that still fit your child, then see where the gaps are. Base their wardrobe on five or six easy care items, jeans, a few shirts, and sweaters. And for girls, a neutral colored dress then mix in low cost accessories like T-shirts, scarves, and tights to change up the look. Second, buy in bulk. Recruit friends who need the same school supplies as your child. Buy them in a warehouse club then split 'em up. Third, use social media to get ahead on sales. Big buck stores tend to have competitive prices on items like backpacks and lunch boxes, so sign up for their e-mail coupons and keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter feeds for special deals. Finally, watch for tax holidays. Many states give residents a break on sales taxes in early August to boost local economies. Time your buys accordingly and enjoy the savings.