Money On Banking Fees

Save Money On Banking Fees

Easy tips to help you save money now on banking fees.

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It's hard to save money when your bank is always dinging you with a new fee. Here are three ways to save on banking fees. First, consider a credit union. They differ from banks because they're non-profit and are owned by their membership. So, if you open an account there, that includes you. And they typically have fewer fees and lower fees than banks. Second, open a high-yield checking account. You can find one at These accounts typically have no minimums, no fees, and no ATM charges. They'll also pay you a little interest if you're willing to jump through some hoops each month, like swiping your debit card a certain number of times, getting your statements by e-mail, or doing a direct deposit. Finally, avoid expensive overdraft fees by using a bank that offers account alerts. You specify a minimum amount of cash you like to have in the account, and the bank pays you when your account balance slips below that level. Sometimes, the best way to save is to know when to stop spending.