Money On a Gym Membership

Save Money On a Gym Membership

Easy tips to help you save money now ona gym membership.

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Whether you're getting ready for swimsuit season or looking to be active, joining a gym can help. But don't overpay for the privilege. Here are three ways to save. Take advantage of free trials. Many gyms will give you a free pass for a few days or even a week to test out their facilities. Line up your free offers back-to-back to make comparison easy. During your visit, ask a few members what they like and dislike about the gym. Call your health insurance provider and your HR department at work. Both insurers and large employers negotiate discounts with fitness centers, or may offer partial reimbursement of your membership fees. Follow the gym of your choice on social media and watch for coupons and special deals. If nothing comes up, try bargaining. Some facilities will price-match, and you may get a better deal by paying in full instead of month to month. That will mean more money upfront, of course. But it might just be the motivation you need to stick with your workout.