Money On Prescriptions

Save Money On Prescriptions

Easy tips to help you save money now on prescription costs.

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-It's no fun getting sick and the high cost of prescriptions can add insult to injury. Here are three ways to save on your medications. Start at your doctor's office. Always ask if there is a generic version of the drug. About 4 or 5 FDA-approved drugs have generic equivalents and studies show they cost up to four times less on average than brand name drugs. Second, shop around. Discount stores and warehouse clubs offer the most popular generic drug with just a few dollars a month or check out a few drug comparison websites such as and You enter the prescription name and your zip code and the sites find the lowest prices. Finally, if you really can't afford your prescriptions, check out the assistance plans on The site gives information on drug companies that supply their meds at huge discounts or even for free. With savings like this, you'll be feeling better before you know it.