Money On Smart Phones

Save Money On Smart Phones

Easy tips to help you save money now on smart phones.

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Talk really isn't cheap, and neither is texting, web surfing, and all those other things you do with a smart phone. American families spend about $1,700 a year on their phones, according to JD Power and Associates. There are three ways to save. First, consolidate family phones with one provider, and ask for a share plan. It offers discounts on multiple phone lines and free in-network calls. You don't need to share with blood relatives. Set up a family plan with friends, as long as you can trust them to pay their bills. Ditch the contract and consider a pay-as-you-go plan, especially if you don't use all the minutes or data in your current monthly plan. All the major cell phone companies have prepaid divisions. To conserve minutes in your prepaid plan, connect to friends with free apps like TextFree and Skype Mobile. Finally, see if you're eligible for an employee discount. Just do an internet search for employee discount with your cell phone provider's name. If your employer has negotiated a deal, you can get up to 25 percent off devices and plans. That kind of savings will really give you something to talk about.