Weight Loss Stories: Damaris Rivera

Amazing Weight Loss Stories: Damaris Rivera

Get inspired by these real women who lost weight and kept it off, and learn their most effective diet tips and exercise advice.

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Hi, Family Circle, my name is Damaris Rivera, and I've lost 61 pounds in 12 months. I used to be a size 18 and now I'm a size 8-10. The three secrets to my success was first I joined Jenny Craig and learned portion control and how to eat more than three times a day. Second, I could not run and I started out walking and now I run three miles every day. Third, I set goals for myself and my goals were to run 5Ks, and I ran 10 5Ks and one 10K, and now my new goal would be to run a half marathon. After I lost weight, my fun thing to do is shopping with my daughter. I'm a mom of two and for all of you who think you can't do it, it's about progress and not perfection.