Overhead Press

Kettlebell Overhead Press

Get into the swing of things! NYC personal trainer, Tina Tang, demonstrates how to do a kettlebell overhead press.

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Hi. My name is Tina Tang, and I'm a personal trainer in New York City. With one kettlebell, I'm gonna show you a whole routine that you can do at home. This move is called the Kettlebell Overhead Press. With your right hand, grip the kettlebell so that the weight is resting on the back of your wrist. Do not bend your wrist back. Let your elbow rest on your ribcage. Next, raise the weight towards the ceiling until your arm is fully extended and your biceps are by your ears. Lower the kettlebell to the starting position with a controlled tension. The exercise is both in bringing the bell up as well as bringing it down. Strength in your overhead press translates to upper body strength everywhere.