Avocado Smash

The Family Circle staff has fallen for the avocado smash, sold at the Australian coffee shop, Bluestone Lane, in our NYC office building. Watch Bluestone baristas create the potassium-and-protien-packed mini meal . Check out our version in the May 2014 issue.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Melissa Knific, food editor at Family Circle. And everyone in our New York City office seems to have fallen for the Avocado Smash sold here at Bluestone Lane. Let's get the scoop. Hi, my name's Aaron Cook. I'm from Bluestone Lane Coffee. We have two locations here in New York and the concept is built around Melbourne style cafes and coffee shops where espresso based coffee and fresh artisan food is a way of life. It's the culture. It's inbred and ingrained. At Bluestone Lane Coffee, our featured food item is the Avocado Smash. And again, it's a staple food that you see in Australian cafes, and particularly in Melbourne. And it's just freshly made, prepared on the spot. Takes four or five minutes. And it's been incredibly well received here. Most people understood what it was about. And we also add additional items to the Avocado Smash. Actually, it's prosciutto, tomatoes, feta, all those types of things and just keep it a very dynamic fresh dish that's always changing. And we also offer our gluten free, which has been incredibly well received, too. Check out our version of the Avocado Smash inspired by our friends at Bluestone Lane in the May 2014 issue of Family Circle. [MUSIC]