My Hair: Frizzy and Fly-aways

Help My Hair: Frizzy and Fly-aways

Learn how to tame frizzy hair and fly-aways with the help of NYC hairstylist Christo.

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[MUSIC] My frizzy hair is hard to tame, help me Christo, help my hair. Hi, Darcy's hair it's frizzy, dry, and unmanageable. Here's a solution of what I do today. Number one cut, number two treatment, the most important thing is to feed your hair. Condition, condition, condition. And the last thing, of course, styling. Without styling product, you won't be able to control that frizz. [MUSIC] With Darcy's hair, the hair was very fine, it was easy to frizz. So what we did, number one. We need a very good hair cut, which as you see, we didn't lose any length. The whole idea is to frame the face and also let the curls in. Second, we did a treatment with a little bit glaze in order to give more depth into the curl. And number three I'll show her how to style her own hair now with the right styling products in order to get this defined curls. It truly is amazing. It reminds me of what my hair used to look like. [MUSIC]