My Hair: Frizzy and Shaped like a Pyramid

Help My Hair: Frizzy and Shaped like a Pyramid

Say goodbye to frizzy hair, and hello to well defined curls with the help of NYC hairstylist Christo.

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[MUSIC] My hair is shaped like a pyramid and it's so frizzy. Help me Christo, help my hair. Here we have Jill. The typical problem with curly hair. And this kind of a curl, it is a perfect pyramid. Or if you prefer how you would say a christmas tree. Not so attractive. So I get the solutions today, the right haircut [INAUDIBLE] I want to slim this down. Number two, gonna do a treatment to take out the frizziness from the hair. It's something that Jill's gonna have to follow up home. And then number three, I'm gonna teach her how to style her hair with the right styling products, in order to maintain the curls to look beautiful without a frizz. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] So, here we have Jill, you can see the final look. Looks amazing. The curls are softer and more shine, more control. Here's the solution. When I did to the haircut, I texturized into the middle of the hair so that the curl can stay in a puzzle, so it won't pyramid. And then we do the treatment and take out the frizzies and the dryness from the hair and after that we style it. Actually how to style using the right styling tools in order to have the fine curls. Look at the difference how beautiful the curls look now. [MUSIC] I didn't think it couldn't move like a pyramid, and now it looks great. [MUSIC]