My Hair: Thinning Hair

Help My Hair: Thinning Hair

Watch how NYC hairstylist Christo solves one of the most common hair problems for women--thinning hair.

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[MUSIC] Like many women, my hair has been thinning. Help me Christo. Help my hair. We have Lisa here today which is, her hair is very thin. And this is typical of 40 percent of women today, they are losing their hair. It could be genetics, could be from stress, could be change of their hormones, anything can do damage when it comes within hair. So, what were going to do, is three things that we need to know. Number one is cutting the hair the right way. Number two is to color the hair to give the illusion of thicker hair. And number three using the right styling products in order to coif the style. [MUSIC] 'Kay, here the solution that I used for Lisa. Number one was the color, the low lights and highlights to create an illusion of the thicker hair here. And then the haircut. Haircut is also one of the biggest key. If I turn around you're gonna see how nice we took out the thickness from the back of her hair. And we emphasize to make the top layer to look thicker. And then the final step that you need to know what product, what styling product you should use. On Lisa's hair we use a little bit thickening spray. And then we use a little bit mousse and that's all we use and we finish with a little bit pomade and a hairspray. I am absolutely thrilled, I think it's a miracle I didn't think it was possible to do this with my hair. [MUSIC]