and Tech: How to Set Rules for Technology

Tweens and Tech: How to Set Rules for Technology

How to introduce new technology, like cell phones, smartphones, iPad, to a teen or kid. Start with a converstaion about the best way to use technologyand come to an agreement from the start.

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[MUSIC] Whenever you introduce a new form of technology to a child, really of any age, the first thing you want to do is have a conversation about responsible use. Write it down so you have a responsible use contract or agreement. Post it on the fridge. So, when there are disagreements it's so easy and say oh honey, go look on the fridge I think we talked about this and I think you agreed to this. Discuss what this new smartphone is for. Yes, you can text now. But we're going to set limits on who you can text. And let's talk about what kind of texting is okay. It's not okay to be mean. It's not okay to use this to humiliate people, or spread rumors, or pretend to be somebody you're not. This is a phone we're giving you and you're responsible for it. And part of being responsible for your phone means you have to keep it charged. So when we call you need to call us right back. Basically you wanna think with your child at each stage, what are the ways you want them to use it. What are the ways they could get in trouble. Ask them, have you seen other kids misuse this. Set up some family expectations, so its a reciprocal relationship based on trust and understanding and very transparent expectations. Understanding of course that if your child misses the mark, which they will cuz that's all a part of growing up, there'll be consequences and you have to follow through on the consequences. If it's you lose your phone for the rest of the day, you lose your phone for the week, whatever it is, then make sure you do that. [MUSIC]