Teens Navigate Social Media

Helping Teens Navigate Social Media

Discussing with teens how social media plays a role in their life, what kind of role it should play in their life and how to spot the difference between what's real and what's online.

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[MUSIC] One of the hardest things that today's teenagers are struggling with, in a new way, is an issue teenagers have always struggled with which is, do you like me, am I popular, am I attractive, am I a social magnet, am I a total reject? And the whole phenomenon of Facebook and liking and how many likes a person has, has raised this to a level that's very, very hard for kids today and young adults today. Today's kids are growing up in such a Photoshopped, image based world where they're constantly comparing themselves to everybody else. We are seeing in many teenagers a spike in social anxiety and we see an increase in the sense of perfectionism, thinking everything about you has to be perfect because everybody else has a more perfect life than you do. The sense of comparing oneself to this endless, endless, endless stream of photos of people having amazing times. And that's hard. It's hard to feel like you're good enough. That you matter enough. That the friends you have are the right friends, and enough friends. So we have to make sure that home is a place you get to be our authentic self. And home is a place where you really get to explore who in fact you are in real life, and what you actually do like in real life, and who your good friends are. Take the time to talk with them and help them understand that Facebook is often fakebook. And that life is really best lived and we discover ourselves best, who we are, who matters to us, what matters to us, when we're dealing off screens. [MUSIC]