Event Hair: Messy Modern Bun

Format Event Hair: Messy Modern Bun

If you have a natural wave or curl try this messy modern updo for prom or any formal event.

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[MUSIC] If yo have a natural wave curl or lots of texture in your hair, try this messy look for prom or any formal event. To start brush the hair out, to smooth out the curl patter. It's better if your hair is a little dirty rather than freshly washed. Next, create a little lift by teasing the hair at the roots so the crown of your head. Don't tease the front section of your hair. You'll want to use this later to cover the section you teased. Now decide of you want to pin your hair in the center or off to the side. Here, we're doing a side pin. Be creative as you life the coils and place the bobby pins in your hair. The style is loose and messy, so there's no right or wrong way to pin up your hair. Finish with hair spray. It's a versatile romantic look that frames the face, perfect for prom or any formal occasion. [MUSIC]