Event Makeup: Natural Look

Formal Event Makeup: Natural Look

Get a natural dewy glow for your next formal event with this easy makeup tutorial.

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[MUSIC] This is going to be a natural look. If you don't like to wear a ton of makeup, you definitely don't have to. You can still dress it up for prom. So we're gonna use rosier pinks on the eyes, and then keep it really neutral on the lips. Going to start with a crease color like always. I'm using a rosy color, and I'm going to just sweep that into the crease with a fluffy crease brush. [MUSIC] Next, I'm just placing a shimmery warm pink all over the lid. With a natural look like this, you can actually use a dark shadow as a liner. It's way easier and it looks a lot softer too. So, I'm gonna grab a warm matte brown with a smudge brush and just smudge it along the lash line like I was using an eyeliner. We're going to apply a black mascara to both the top and bottom lash. For a natural look like this, I love really glowy, dewy skin. So, I'm going to take a blush and then immediately a highlighting powder and mix them together. For natural lips, we're just gonna use a nude lip liner. We're just going to top that lip liner now with a shimmery colored gloss. We're going to set our look with a setting spray, so that it doesn't move around, and you can dance all night and not worry about your makeup. [MUSIC]