Event Makeup: Vintage Look

Formal Event Makeup: Vintage Look

Go retro for your next formal event with this glamorous, vintage look, complete with winged eyeliner. Learn how in this easy makeup tutorial.

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[MUSIC] This is how you do a vintage look for a formal event. I'm going to grab a light brown matte shadow with a fluffy crease brush, and we're gonna apply it to her crease first. Now I'm taking a warm, rosier brown and it's still a matte shadow and this is gonna be placed all over the lid. [MUSIC] The look is primarily matte but we do wanna have a little pop of shimmer on the inner corners of the eye, so I'm just going to take an ivory shimmer shadow, and place it right on that inner corner. [MUSIC] It wouldn't be a vintage 1960s look without the winged out liner or cat eye. So we're gonna create that with a black gel liner and a slim brush. [MUSIC] We're going to apply a black waterproof mascara so that you won't have to worry about your mascara running or smudging all night long. [MUSIC] We're going to add a little bit of color in the cheeks with a Rose Matte Blush. We're using a liner so that your lipstick has something to anchor to and it will actually stay on longer. The lip color is what's gonna make this look really fun and modern. It's a bright kind of bubble gum pink. So, it's gonna take the 60s look, and make it more today. To complete the look, we're gonna use a setting spray. This is actually going to keep your look in place all night. And you can dance the night away and not worry about your makeup sliding off. [MUSIC]