More Towns For Families Boerne, Texas

Best Towns For Families Boerne, Texas

Community volunteering and acts of kindness are the norm for this San Antonio suburb.

Mon, 30 Jun 2014|

[MUSIC] After searching the country, for perfect places to call home, Family Circle chose these communities, for their stellar schools, affordable housing, and giving spirit. Boerne, Texas. People can tell you that random acts of kindness are the norm here. [MUSIC] Many spend their time volunteering, packing food for the needy and serving meals to the homeless. People also spend plenty of time al fresco. Whether they're hiking at Cibolo, Nature Center and Farm, or fishing, swimming, and picnicking at Guadalupe River State Park. [MUSIC] Schools in the San Antonio suburb, receive the highest ratings by the state, and the teachers, win raves from parents. [MUSIC]

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