Towns for Families Lake Mary, Florida

Best Towns for Families Lake Mary, Florida

Lake Mary, Florida is bursting with restaurants, stores and high-tech jobs, plus a top rated school district.

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[MUSIC] After searching the country for perfect places to call home, Family Circle chose these communities for their stellar schools, affordable housing, and giving spirit. Lake Mary, Florida. Lake Mary is bursting with restaurants, stores, and hi-tech jobs. But it still has a small town feel, with it's downtown farmer's market, wine art Wednesdays, which is an outdoor fair with music and food trucks, and lots of family friendly events. Lake Mary is part of the Seminole County School District, which has one of the highest graduation rates in Florida, and SAT scores are consistently above state and national averages. There are lots of ways to step up here. Be a trailblazer is Lake Mary's all purpose non-profit. It organized the historical museum and spruced up the Rinehart Road recreational trail. [MUSIC]