Towns for Families: Camas, Washington

Best Towns for Families: Camas, Washington

It's the simple pleasures like hiking and town festivals that residents love most about this Portland suburb.

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[MUSIC] After searching the country for perfect places to call home, Family Circle chose these communities, for their stellar schools, affordable housing, and giving spirit. Camas, Washington. It's the simple pleasures that many residents love about this picturesque Portland suburb. That includes hiking along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, or catching the parade at the summertime Camas Days Festival, when reps from Georgia Pacific toss rolls of toilet paper at the crowd. Camas also places a high premium on its school system, which has won multiple state and national honors. And there are many ways to step up. The local Community Chest raised some $80,000 last year, for everything from swimming lesson scholarships to a nature conservation program for fifth graders. [MUSIC]