Homework Station

Colorful Homework Station

Create a stylish homework station to start your student off on the right foot for school.

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[MUSIC] Create a stylish homework station to start your student off on the right foot for school. Here's how. It all starts with a sturdy desk and best to look for something with a small footprint that has ample storage. This parson's style has two drawers for stashing supplies and a fresh, wooden white finish. Next, add a chair. Style meets substance in this powder coated model, kicked up a notch in a zingy green hue. It's the perfect height for home work, but you could get a similar look by painting an old wood dining chair a bright color. Make sure your student has the right surfaces for posting reminders and notes. A hybrid bulletin and magnetized white board offers a surface for jotting ideas down, and pinning or posting reminders. A colorful clock is a great way to insure your student keeps track of study time. Also on the wall is a narrow shelf for corralling notebooks and journals. The front strip is magnetized too, giving kids yet another place to put those reminders. A well-lit room should have a mixture of overhead and task lighting. This lamp can be turned on at homework time or when it's dark outside to add an extra bit of glow to this space. Every kid needs notebooks, pencils, pens, and other small supplies like paper clips. Make sure you have storage systems in place for each item so they don't end up all over the desktop. Here a colored cup holds writing instruments and binder clips are at the ready on a shallow dish. Don't forget a tape dispenser. This retro tape model strikes a nice balance between fun and function. Not only does it hold a roll of scotch tape, it also has a spot for scissors. Last but not least, give your kids an inbox where you can leave signed permission slips, report cards, notes to the teacher. You name it. And don't forget the stapler for those long assignments. And that's how you create a stylish workspace. [MUSIC]