Pets Safe From Summer Heat

Keep Pets Safe From Summer Heat

Keep your pet safe in the summer with these helpful tips.

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[MUSIC] Summer is a wonderful time to get outdoors with your pet. But warmer weather can also bring hazards. So keep your pet safe with these tips. Take your longest walks early in the morning, or late in the evening to avoid the hottest temps and humidity. And never ever leave your pet in the car. Second, don't shave his coat. Longer hair actually insulates him from the sun, and provides a natural cooling system. Just make sure his hair or fur is well brushed, and not matted. Third, consider sunscreen made just for pets. Especially if you're on the beach or outdoors all day. Pets with thin, or light-colored coats are at most risk for sunburn. Apply sunscreen every three to four hours to the tips of the nose, the ears, and the belly, where the fur is thin. Finally, provide plenty of shade, and bring extra water whenever you're away from home. And have a great season with your pet. [MUSIC]