Papier-mâché Bowls

DIY: Papier-mâché Bowls

Use this simple technique to create decorative papier-mâché bowls.

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[MUSIC] Paper mache bowls are fun and easy to make. Apply these simple techniques to create sophisticated patterns. Cover a bowl with plastic wrap and place face down. Tear news print into strips about an inch wide. Brush deco pauge medium onto strips and apply to the outside of bowl, working in different directions. Overlap strips in a think layer to cover the bowl. Brush entire surface with decoupage medium and let dry. Repeat the process for six layers. When the final layer is dry, remove the papier-mache bowl. A butter knife can help you loosen it. Peel off the plastic wrap and trim the edges with scissors. Paint the outside of the bowl with two coats of craft paint and let dry. Cut gift wrap into three strips, each about three to four inches wide. When placed side by side, strips should be wide enough and long enough to cover the inside of the bowl. Apply decoupage medium to the center strip and adhere to the inside middle of the bowl, smoothing out air bubbles. Repeat the process fo reach side strip. Set the bowl aside to dry for about thirty minutes. Trim the excess paper from the rim and apply two coats of decoupage medium over the interior allowing each layer to dry. Paint the rim with gold paint pen. [MUSIC]