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Writer's Guidelines

Family Circle is a general interest women’s magazine that focuses on all subjects relating to the family.  If you are a writer who has an idea you think would connect with our readership, you are welcome to submit your query for our editorial consideration.   Family Circle looks for smart, well-written pieces that touch on contemporary issues, interests and concerns of American families.  These include features such as:

  • Women who make a difference in their community.
  • News and information on health, childcare, relationships, finances, technology, and travel.
  • Dramatic personal experiences.

If you would like to submit to us, please look over at least four issues of past Family Circle magazines (back issues can be found at your local library) to get an idea of our format and the topics we have covered in the past.  If, after that, you have an idea you feel would be a good fit for our editorial focus, please submit a typed query that includes a list of potential experts for the piece, along with representative clips, a short bio with your publishing experience, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please note that Family Circle does not publish poetry or fiction, and, due to the large quantity of submissions, we cannot personally respond to any unsolicited material.

Family Circle cannot assume responsibility for submissions, so please make sure to have copies for your own records of any materials you send to us.  Submissions can be sent to:

The Articles Department

Family Circle Magazine

805 Third Ave., 24th Floor

New York, NY 10022

Thank you for thinking of us!