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Back to School Back to School Advice for Parents

Your kid is starting high school or—swallow hard—college. Experts share their advice on helping them crush (or at least survive) the frosh challenges. Here’s the ultimate freshman orientation (for parents).

By Louisa Kamps
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dance or donate challenge 2019


Celebs Complete the Dance or Donate Challenge

Dance or Donate is the latest social trend taking over our feeds, and we’re super impressed by all of the buzz the chari...

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Margie and Steve

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey: This Retired Navy Couple Proved Age–and Weight–Is Nothing But a Number

Margaret Hodas-Walsh, 65, and Steve Walsh, 66, worked together to lose a combined 110 pounds in nine months after their ...

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Build Series


Watch These Students Discuss Their Transition From High School to College

As parents of teens know, the struggle for college-bound students can be challenging. Here's an insightful discussion be...

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power Moves1

Workout Routines

8 Power Exercises for Busy Moms

Group these eight exercises into mini circuits of three or four moves, and do three sets of 12 to 15 reps, with 30 secon...

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Teens online1


Talking About Social Media Mistakes with Your Teens

We all did dumb (crazy, careless) stuff when we were teens. But in a world of viral social media, those stunts can haunt ...

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Manicure the fix


How to Make a Mani-Pedi Last

If your polish chips, peels or looks dull after a couple of days, here’s how to nail a paint job that stays put a lot lo...

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funny dad1


Watch This Hilarious Dad Challenge His Teenage Daughter

"Kendall, we have to have talk..." says this no-nonsense dad, who is not playing around. Watch how he's dealing with his ...

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Stepdad gift

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Kristen Tucker before and after

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey: After Several Attempts, This Mom of 2 Finally Found Success with WW

Kristen Tucker, a 33-year-old marketing technician from Texas, lost just under 100 pounds and gained more than 30,000 In...

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Kelly Ripa Family pic
Euphoria HBO
Teen Vacay1


Don't Let Your Kids Ruin the Family Vacay

The best been-there approaches to some of the most maddeningly familiar phrases uttered by teenage travelers.

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Healthy eating plan

Weight Loss

What Is the Noom Weight-Loss App?

This app turns your phone into your weight-loss cheerleader.

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Before Hollanders

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey: How a New Jersey Mom Became the Active Parent She Always Wanted to Be

Esther Hollander, 43, began her journey at 320 pounds and is now working as a personal trainer. How did she do it?

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