rotisserie chicken in carton

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Recipes 12 Easy Meals to Make With Rotisserie Chicken

When time is tight, rely on the grocery store to do some of the prep for you. Simply pick out one of these recipes and then pick up a rotisserie chicken.

By Family Circle Food Editors
online dating

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The Online Dating Game: Rules and Tips for Looking for Love

Looking for love—or even like—in the digital age has its own special set of rules.

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Churros at Disneyland

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Cougar Shoes Kensington pink rainboot

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The Cutest Rain Boots and Umbrellas for Rainy Days

Stay dry and look cute during spring showers with fun umbrellas and rain boots.

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baked tart with plums

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Amazing Desserts Made With Alternative Sweeteners

The contestants from MasterChef Junior were challenged to create desserts using alternative sweeteners. The results? Not...

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How to Master Painting Your Home

This is the first of a three-part series that takes a 360° look at all things paint.

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Prom Prep: Dresses, Shoes, Beauty & More More Prom Prep
Christina "Thumper" Hopper Influential Mom 2018

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Family Fun

The 20 Most Influential Moms of 2018

Who needs Wonder Woman when you’ve got mothers? We have the same perseverance, power and grit—plus our own versions of t...

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Chip and Joanna Gaines

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recharge gardening

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Why You Should Make Time for Gardening

Here’s the dirt: Gardening is good for you. Tuning in to nature, whether indoors or out, can help you de-stress and make ...

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Family Fun

How to Master the Art of Truly Efficient Multitasking

Experts are redefining the smart way to get more done in less time.

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Lori Zold before blue shirt

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey: How One Mom Lost More Than 100 Pounds

Two years ago, Lori Zold, 43, of Milwaukie, Oregon, was fed up and exasperated at 300 pounds and knew she needed to make ...

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