thai-glazed salmon on plate

Photo by Marcus Nilsson

30-Minute 25 Delicious Meals Under 25 Minutes

A month’s worth of recipes that will take the stress out of deciding what’s for dinner. 

By Julie Miltenberger
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starbucks psl cookie straws

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woman washing her face

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The Fix: Morning Skin Care Tips

Of course you want glowing skin, but your mornings feel like The Amazing Race. Dermatologist Michelle Henry, MD, has a d...

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woman eating nutella from a jar

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amazon warehouse

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technical education

Photo by Peter Ardito


Discussing Technical Education with Your Teen

College can be a costly way to find out what your kids don’t want to do for a living. Technical education could be a bet...

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woman trying to do it all

Illustration by Julie Houts


You Can Have It All, Kinda

You can’t do everything—work/family/friends/you. At least not every single day.

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stressed woman

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6 Ways to Finally Stop Complaining for Good

Stating the negative isn't just damaging your mood—it's hurting your health. Fortunately, there are ways to break the ba...

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woman's manicured hands

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This Woman's Curved Nail Turned Out to Be a Sign of Lung Cancer

After posting a photo on social media, she received concerned comments that led her to the diagnosis.

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orchid looks like a monkey



These Orchids Look Just Like a Monkey's Face

And they give off the scent of ripe oranges.

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Liz Pryor

Family Fun

Liz Pryor Confesses Her Travel Challenges

Liz Pryor shares how despite her ability to be a best-selling author, public speaker, and a mom, there's one everyday ta...

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