Joanna Gaines with biscuits and cookies

Photos by Amy Neunsinger

Recipes Joanna Gaines' Famous Buttermilk Biscuit Recipes & More!

Joanna Gaines shares recipes from her new Magnolia Table cookbook for her drool-worthy buttermilk biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, and her mom's amazing beef bulgogi.  

Recipes courtesy of Joanna Gaines
Teen girls upset by social media

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outdoor fitness obstacle racing

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Why You Should Exercise Outdoors—and the Best Activities on Land & Water

Exercising in the great outdoors—with the wind in your hair and the sun shining on your (SPF-covered) face—beats the gym ...

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woman wearing sunscreen

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Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen

You wouldn’t wear the same outfit to work and to the beach—so why would you wear the same sunscreen? We’ll guide you thr...

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organized garage

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How to Organize Your Garage

You know something’s gotta give when the clutter trumps the car. Take your parking space—and your sanity—back with these ...

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women sitting on beach

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The Best Swimsuits for Every Body Type

Put an end to dreaded swimsuit shopping. We’re here to help you find stylish, flattering options that work your best ass...

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Prom Prep: Dresses, Shoes, Beauty & More More Prom Prep
Mosquito illustration

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4 Easy BBQ Marinades

For deliciously perfect barbecued meat, try our basic marinade or a Tex-Mex, Mediterranean or Asian variation.

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Chip and Joanna Gaines

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Melissa Coleman

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Declutter Your Kitchen With Hacks and Advice from Melissa Coleman

The author of the manual/cookbook The Minimalist Kitchen shows you how to create your own food-and-family-friendly zone....

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Kevin Kolman's Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

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The Best Recipes for Your Summer Block Parties

When Weber Grill Master Kevin Kolman hosts a block party, the whole neighborhood knows the food is going to be fantastic...

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cute puppy

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The Drama of Caring for a New Puppy

Yep, I’m back to the days of wondering whether someone has pooped recently. Crazy.

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Magnolia Fried Chicken

Photo by Amy Neunsinger / Courtesy of Harper Collins


Eat Like Chip and Joanna with These 3 Magnolia Table Recipes

The next best thing to sitting down to dinner with Chip and Joanna Gaines? Eating just like the Fixer Upper stars with t...

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You May Not Need That Vitamin D Supplement After All

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, but can it really prevent cancer or improve heart health? Many confusing claim...

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Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi

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9 Awesome New Trader Joe's Products and the Perfect Recipes to Use Them

You'll want to add these tasty stars to your regular TJ grocery list.

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