heirloom tomato and corn salad

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Recipes Corn & Tomato Recipes You'll Want to Eat All Summer

Many vegetables are at peak deliciousness at the end of the summer—but somehow corn and tomatoes always steal the show. 

By Sarah Wharton
woman running on treadmill

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You Don't Have to Do Cardio to Lose Weight (But There's a Catch)

Turns out, cardio isn't necessary for shedding pounds, but it *is* still important to get your heart rate up.

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arctic char topped with chermoula sauce

Photo by Christopher Testani


Afraid to Serve Fish at Home? We've Got Answers to Help You Get Cooking

Too smelly, too expensive, too, well, fishy? If these are a few of the reasons you’re not serving seafood at home, we’ve ...

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couple taking bite out of slice of red velvet cake


Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

If you’ve been following a diet but not losing weight, one of these common mistakes may be why.

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Quick & Easy Ice Pops You'll Want All Summer

Ice pops that are delicious and decidedly grown-up. And they come in all shapes and sizes.

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Rene Falgout

Photo courtesy of Rene Falgout


Weight Loss Journey: How My Co-Worker Helped Me Lose More Than 100 Pounds

At 272 pounds, Rene Falgout had resigned herself to a lifetime of obesity. But then she had a chat with someone at work ...

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how to look younger

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10 Ways to Look Younger

The fountain of youth is in your makeup bag. You just have to know what to do—and not do.

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woman doing downward facing dog
money concerns

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Family Fun

How to Resolve Your Money Issues for Good

No matter what your cash flow concerns, you have the power to conquer them.

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Pouring red wine

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Why Does Wine Give You a Headache?

Red wine is a wonderful thing—unless you're among the unlucky victims of wine-induced headaches. We break down the scien...

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thigh gap
woman walking in neighborhood

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Walking Is Considered Exercise—But Only If You Take This Many Steps Per Hour

New research confirms that walking is an effective exercise routine, as long as you're hitting these metrics.

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18th birthday

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18 and Counting: Why Parenting Doesn't End When Kids Turns 18

Telling it like it is. Wisdom and candor from a single mom raising three kids.

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teen working

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chia pudding

Photo by Devon OBrien


8 Healthy Rules to Steal from the Keto Diet—Even If You'd Never Actually Follow It

Keto isn't for everyone, but there are some good habits that you can steal from the popular diet to use on your own.

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Florida by Lauren Groff

Family Fun

The Best Books of Summer 2018

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry—and someone will definitely get hurt.

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