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30-Minute 25 Delicious Meals Under 25 Minutes

A month’s worth of recipes that will take the stress out of deciding what’s for dinner. 

By Julie Miltenberger
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Is It Better to Shower at Night or in the Morning? We Asked Experts

On the one hand, a PM shower washes away the day. On the other, a morning rinse wakes you up. But preferences aside, whe...

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Dating & Sex

How to Prevent Your Teen Daughter from Dating a Much Older Man

With so many celebrities making it increasingly common, it gets more challenging for parents steer daughters away from i...

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You’re Definitely Not Washing Your Pet’s Bowls Enough

Pet bowls are the fourth germiest thing in your house.

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types of skyr

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Beyond Greek: Tasting Icelandic Skyr, Kefir and Australian Yogurt

Greece has made its style of yogurt a household name. But other countries have interesting cultured dairy options as wel...

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Home Décor Ideas, Organization & More More Ideas for Home
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Here’s What a Nutritionist Really Thinks About the Carnivore Diet

This no-carb meal plan is a lot riskier than keto or paleo.

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woman washing her face

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The Fix: Morning Skin Care Tips

Of course you want glowing skin, but your mornings feel like The Amazing Race. Dermatologist Michelle Henry, MD, has a d...

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technical education

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Discussing Technical Education with Your Teen

College can be a costly way to find out what your kids don’t want to do for a living. Technical education could be a bet...

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