halloween party decor

Photo by Marcus Nilsson

Halloween The Coolest Black & White Halloween Party Ever

There’s no gray area here: This is one crazy-cool Halloween party. The tricks are decorations and food that do double duty for adults or teens.

Food content by Family Circle Food Editors, Craft concepts by Caylin Harris
girl boss coat

Photo by Mark Andrew


Coats, Jackets & Boots for Every Occasion

Whatever is on the agenda—work day, school event or, best of all, a long-overdue date night (yay!), this season’s coats ...

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group of adults having cocktails at a party

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Our Kids Are Friends, So That Makes Us What Exactly?

The parade of parent parties can be overwhelming, but I still RSVP ‘yes’ sometimes.

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Easy Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Halloween Makeup Tutorial


Easy Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Transform into Roy Lichtentstein comic book pop art for Halloween with just a few cosmetics.

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doctor holding pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness

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Your Breasts: An Owner's Manual

From bizarre breast problems and implant questions to what to do after a diagnosis, we've got breast health covered.

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how to pay for college

Illustration by Julie Houts


How on Earth Are We Going to Pay for College?

If this question is killing you, listen up—we tapped three top financial aid pros for the answers you need.

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Happy Halloween! More Ideas for Halloween
mother and teen daughter smiling together

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Blue Lagoon and Geothermal Pools

Photo by Seth Wharton


5 Reasons to Plan a Family Trip to Iceland

Beauty and adventure that will make your teens put their phones down

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horoscope circle

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Family Fun

November 2018 Horoscopes

See what’s in the stars for you.

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fall fashion

Photo by The Morrisons


Fall Fashion Gets Real—Runway Trends You Can Wear All Season

Who says you can’t wear pink from head to toe or metallics during the day? We’ll show you how some of fall’s biggest tre...

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mom hugging teen daughter gray sweaters

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They May Not Want to Admit It, But Teens Still Need Their Moms—A Lot

The combination of hormones, bullying, depression, and social and school pressures is too much for them to bear on their ...

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puppy in crate

Photo by Stocksy


To Crate or Not to Crate?

The holidays can leave your dog in search of a hideaway or require a house-training refresher. Crating can help.

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Photo by Edward Gohlich


Plant Lovers Are Taking On a Succulent Instagram Challenge

Join fellow succulent enthusiasts in this new Instagram challenge! This creative succulent arrangement idea will leave y...

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teen couple walking together

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I Don't Care If Other Parents Don't Do This, I Do

And you don't have to like it, because though it may not be popular, it's the right thing to do.

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Photo by Kate Sears


Self-Care with Bedtime Beauty Products

Get ready for #selfcaresunday.

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upsides of generosity

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