Transgender Boy to Join Girl Scouts

Bobby Montoya, 7, is anatomically male, but has identified as a female since he was 2 years old. He dresses as a female and has had both a Princess birthday party and a Repunzel birthday party.

Yet when his mother took him to sign up for Girl Scouts so he could follow in his older sister’s footsteps, the local troop leader denied him admittance because he has “boy parts.”

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The national organization heard about the local leader’s response, and it released a statement saying it would allow anyone who identifies as a girl to join. Later, Bobby’s mother was told that the troop leader would receive sensitivity classes for her behavior.

While the response from the Girl Scouts has been openly supportive and politically correct, Bobby’s mother tells ABC News that she’s still waiting for a call and an apology from someone high in the ranks.

Bobby is still deciding if he wants to officially become a Girl Scout or not.


What do you think? Is Bobby’s admittance into the Girl Scouts appropriate? Would you want an anatomically male member in your daughter’s Girl Scout troop? Let us know in the comments.