Take the Pledge: No Texting While Driving!

No incoming text is worth risking the lives of our loved ones. Take our pledge and make the roads a little safer in 2016.


It may seem like only a quick glance to look at your phone at the stoplight. 5 seconds, tops, right? But that little habit makes you 23% more likely to get involved in a car accident. And according to the National Safety Council, one in four car crashes—that's 1.6 million accidents a year—are caused by distracted driving. And this behavior doesn't just put you and your family at risk. It puts other families, including other children, at risk.

 Our friend Glennon at Momastery really drove this home for us this summer with her recent call to action on Facebook. And we decided to join the cause.

Starting now, we promise to put our phones away while driving. We will keep our eyes, and our minds, on the road. If necessary, we will find a place to park to answer that missed phone call, rather than take it while behind the wheel. We pledge to share the word with our loved ones, so that the change that starts with us will keep spreading to every driver. We will not become a statistic.

Please join us, and help the roads we all use a little bit safer for us and our children.