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By Astrology Reading Jessica Adams
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There is a saying I am sure you know, about denial and a river in Egypt. Looking the other way and pretending something is not happening/has not happened is one way through a situation, but I am sure you know it is not the best way! This has happened to you before, with the family or work, as I am sure you know. Even if you have to promise yourself you will have an important discussion about this in September, that’s fine, as you’ll progress. Aries, you are in an odd situation where you are the centre of the universe, or at the heart of everything, for others - yet you are still not entirely sure about who you are. This identity question is ongoing and you owe yourself the time and space to meditate, try yoga, use a journal or similar to find out.


You will have to be patient with a family situation you have seen so often before, as people do not change their ways overnight. Take this in your stride, which Taurus is very good at doing! You also have to deal with your own, or your partner’s parents, this month or another senior member of the family, like a grandparent. Listening skills pay off and kindness goes a very long way. You are the hot water bottle of astrology; a comfort. Minding your manners and watching your p’s and q’s is a quaint old-fashioned way of saying, you need to be on guard in social or work situations where someone else is over-sensitive. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it.


You now have a new life budget, which suits you so much better. Putting a price on the things money cannot buy, like peace of mind, or time out, or just better family relationships, was a smart move. Now, you are in a position to look at the long-term and ask yourself how you can successfully save the most, until this cycle ends in 2023. A short vacation will take you away from home and change the way you think. This destination will inspire you and motivate you, so enjoy it, but remember to apply everything that occurs, to your everyday life, once you return, Gemini. A female family member who is more vulnerable than she lets on, is feeling sensitive. Do listen.


You have attracted a new friend since 2017 who proves to you that ‘like attracts like’ and you two are very similar people. This can also make you stuck, as neither of you encourages the other to do anything differently or try anything new. Thus, a potential male friend - with whom there is nothing more than friendship - should delight you as he brings everything that is unusual, empowering or alternative into your world. A chance encounter with a woman who is always busy, leaves you with a takeaway that will ultimately lead to a major decision by October. Cancer, you also need to address a point of tension with your partner which does not shift. Ask yourself why this is.


A fun phase in your life with your partner, a friend, or a younger family member you connect with, helps you lighten up this summer. It reminds you that life is there to be lived, and that really matters, after such an intense year. Take photographs so you’ll have great future memories. Leo, you do have to return to a project or plan that matters, though! You need to give this all the concentration and focussed intention you possess, as its success will do so much, on so many levels. You remind me of a blacksmith in August, patiently working with fire and steel to craft something that matters, for a lifetime or more (your lucky horseshoe in life, perhaps, or a magical sword). Your partner won’t fully understand why it counts, but you do. Persist, Leo.


A team effort requires people to share. It’s like rowing in the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. You have to distribute the energy and effort evenly, and remember one person has to be Cox (with the loudspeaker - and that is you, some of the time). This is not so much a contest or competition, though, as a long-term effort by all of you. It is karmic, so some of you knew each other in another lifetime, but are also creating good karma for the future - if you try genuine teamwork. Your partner is preoccupied in August and cannot fully share or explain this work or business matter. Try to let it go and find something fun you can do together, or something fun he can do by himself.


August brings the past back to you in the most moving and delightful way. It may be an old family vacation haunt. Perhaps it is a face who mattered a long time ago. Drawing on your own history like this helps you feel more settled and grounded. Life makes sense when you can put it in perspective like this! An aunt or grandmother may be involved in this flashback story. Libra, you have some work to do. Sure, it’s vacation time, but you need to catch up with a project that involves plenty of typing or talking. Doing this helps with others who are involved, as nothing can really move forward until  you play your part and figure out why you matter to the bigger picture.


You have some budget work to do, both on a small household scale, involving family members, and on a wider scale, keeping your eyes on the bigger picture. There is a great deal of money to be saved or made by November, when so many things will happen at once, near your birthday. The time to address the numbers is now. Your partner has a foreign connection or a big regional interest across the U.S. now and you will be drawn into this story. You bridge the gap in language or understanding, quite intuitively. You won’t get involved, but you will give good advice! A female in your social circle who is vague or hard to figure out, needs to make up her mind. Yes? 


The wheels go round on your journey, no matter if you are on vacation, moving or shifting things by reconnecting with another part of the country, or the world. You will feel incredible power and momentum in August, Sagittarius, and the sense that you are all making progress at last is very real. This helps you get other matters in perspective, and you will realise just how trivial some of those truly are! Your grandmother or great-grandmother will play an important spiritual part in your month. Never forget her influence, personality or message as it is particularly relevant in summer 2019. Sagittarius, you owe someone something. Did you know? It’s not money. It’s a soul exchange. She is too polite to mention it, but do repay it. 


Realising how far you have to go, and how long it is going to take, is actually something you can handle. Capricorn, you are the mountain goat who measures her steps as she climbs to her next destination. Others shake their heads at your resilience, but it’s second nature to you. August is a milestone in your personal or family life, as you realise that some things are destiny and also here to stay in your world. You have had doubts, but now you can see that aspects of your life that you once questioned, are now permanent. That can only be a good thing, as you are an earth sign who likes to know where she stands. Nature, or your garden, calls you now.


The chemistry you share with your former or current partner is now clear. It’s like making a dish for years and then finding out the full recipe, having only guessed at the ingredients. This helps you be kinder to yourself, and to understand yourself better. You might say, this person is holding up a mirror, which reflects your own image and identity in a new way. You will feel a tremendous sense of relief once a discussion or decision has passed. A son, daughter, godchild or young relative must be given space and freedom to go his/her own way. If you try to pull on the reins you are unlikely to get very far. This is an experiment. And honestly, it’s not a huge deal.


Females in the family circle, or your network of friends, have a particular way of operating with each other. One in particular is so subtle, but she is most certainly in control! August challenges that. There are other ways for you all to get together and function. Your Pisces Sun sign makes you sensitive and empathetic, particularly to animals and other creatures - even birds and goldfish. You will care for another living creature in your own unique way this month and it will help you get back in touch with yourself. You are required to be a certain person at home or work, and yet the real you must be allowed to flourish too! Expect a romantic dinner date together, too.