Learn how to create your own lovely pillows.

By Sandra Withers

You need: pillow form; red or white burlap fabric; sewing supplies; red or white string; tapestry needle.

Cutting: Measure dimensions of pillow form. Add 2-1/2" all around for red pillow flange or 1-1/2" for white pillow. Cut one piece to obtained dimensions for front piece. Divide measurement in half and add 5". Cut two pieces to obtained dimensions for back pieces.

Sewing: Fold and sew 1/2" double hem along center edge of back pieces. With right sides facing up, overlap back pieces along hemmed edge so back has the same dimensions as front piece and pin. With right sides facing, sew front and back pieces together. Clip corners and turn right side out. Mark dimensions of pillow form in center of pillow cover. Red pillow will have a 2" flange and white pillow has a 1" flange. Beginning and ending at corner, work running stitches with white string along marks along each edge of red pillow. Leave long ends at each corner and knot pieces together. For white pillow, work blanket stitch around edges to marked flange line with red string. Insert pillow form through back opening.

—Designed by Sandra Withers