Rooms Abloom

After a long winter, nothing says "spring" more than fresh flowers. But you don't have to stop there! These pretty and practical floral projects will carry the feeling of the season beyond your vase and into your surrounding home accents.

Pretty Pincushions

This is one tool you won't want to hide in a sewing kit. Select a festive floral or toile to make this pin cushion that is both functional and simple to make.

Pin Cushion Instructions:

Finished size: 3 1/2" across x 2" high.

You need: Floral-print cotton fabric remnant; 1/2 yard of coordinating piping; 1/2 yard of coordinating 5/8" wide ribbon; 3 1/2" circle of heavy cardboard; heavy-duty thread and needle; 2 cups of sawdust; fabric glue; tape measure; scissors; pins.

Cutting: From fabric, cut one 10" circle and one 5" circle.

Making base: Place smaller fabric circle face down; center cardboard on top. Wrap and glue fabric edges to wrong side of cardboard. Glue piping around edge of base, overlapping ends.

Making top: Thread needle with 3 feet of thread; knot ends. Sew running stitches 1/2" from edge of larger fabric circle. Fill center of circle with half of sawdust. Pull up thread ends slightly, leaving center open. Pack tightly with sawdust. Pull up thread ends to close, forming ball. Tie ends securely; trim excess and apply glue to knot to seal. Press knot end against surface to flatten bottom. Use hands to mold top into rounded shape. Fold ribbon in half lengthwise. Wrap and tie ribbon around center of top, applying glue under ribbon in a few spots. Tie end in bow; open out folded edges and trim ends.

Assembling pin cushion: Apply glue to wrong side of base; press top, knot side down, onto center of base. Hold until glue sets, then let dry thoroughly.

—Designed by Luba Kierkosz


Adding a blossom patterned border will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom décor.

Floral-Trimmed Towel Instructions:

You need: Hand or bath towel; floral-print cotton fabric; matching thread; tape measure; scissors; pins; iron and ironing board; sewing machine.(Note: Wash and dry towel and fabric before cutting.)

Cutting fabric: Measure width of towel; add 2" to this measurement for fabric cutting length. Cut two 11"-wide strips of fabric to this measurement.

Preparing fabric: Turn under 1" on each long edge of fabric; press.

Assembling: With right sides up, pin pressed edge of fabric 5" above one end of towel. Turn over; fold side edges of fabric over side edges of towel. Press, continuing to fold fabric under 1" along entire side edge. Fold up lower edge of fabric, encasing towel; pin pressed edge of fabric 5" above lower edge of towel. Stitch close to all edges of fabric. Apply fabric band to other end of towel in same manner.

—Designed by Luba Kierkosz


Throw Instructions:

Finished size: 55" x 70"

You need:Twelve 16" squares of assorted floral-print and striped linen or cotton fabric remnants; 2 yards of white linen fabric; 4 yards of lightweight pink linen or cotton fabric; 7 yards of 1 1/2" wide flat crochet trim; 7 yards of 1" wide flat crochet edging; 40 small flower appliqués; white thread; tape measure; scissors; pins; iron and ironing board; sewing machine; hand sewing needle.

(Note: All stitching is done in 1/2" seams, with right sides facing and raw edges even, unless noted. Press each seam toward darker fabric after stitching.)

Cutting: From white fabric, cut two 6" x 56" and two 6" x 71" pieces for borders. From pink fabric, cut one 56" x 71" piece for backing, piecing as needed.

Assembling patchwork: Pin and stitch squares together to form 3 strips of 4 squares each, alternating prints. Pin and stitch strips together to form patchwork, keeping seams aligned.

Assembling top: Cut each end of each border strip at 45-degree angle. With right sides up, pin crochet trim along center of each strip; stitch close to each long edge of trim. Pin strips together at ends, alternating sizes, to form frame. Stitch along pin lines, stopping 1/2" from inner corners. Pin frame to patchwork, matching corners. Stitch, pivoting stitching line at each corner to make top.

Finishing: Starting in center of one side, pin crochet edging along edge of comforter top so edging overlaps edge by 1/4". Turn under edging at end. Stitch close to top of edging. Slip-stitch ends together. Pin flower appliqués at each corner of each patchwork square. On back of comforter, pin remaining appliqués directly under top appliqués. Hand-stitch to backing.

—Designed by Luba Kierkosz