Dylan Lauren discusses her twins' Halloween costume plans, her charity, and of course, candy!

By Hattie Hayes

You might have been to a few Sweet 16 parties in your day, but never one like this! We attended Dylan’s Candy Bar Sweet 16 Party to celebrate the 16th birthday of the sugary utopia. In between cotton candy milkshakes and visits to the s’mores bar, we spoke with entrepreneur and candy maven Dylan Lauren, daughter of THE Ralph Lauren).

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Q: You have two adorable children, Kingsley Rainbow and Cooper Blue. What will they be for Halloween this year?

To be honest, I’m not sure yet! I’ve bought their costumes before, but this is the first year they’re going to pick. They’re twins, but I don’t think they’ll want to coordinate—they have a sense of their own individuality.

Q: What is your desert island candy?

That’s easy—everything. Oh, let’s see. Marshmallow fluff, red licorice, red Swedish fish, gumballs. Those are my definite choices.

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Q: What is the sweetest thing in your life right now?

My Sweet 16! Absolutely my Sweet 16. It’s an idea I’ve had since I was in my twenties, auctioning candy mosaics for charity. Now I finally get to see it happen.

Q: Are you allowed to tell us…which mosaic is your favorite?

Mine! It’s my favorite because of my cause. I chose our animal rescue foundation, Dylan’s Candy BarN, because my animals are family members. But, I love all the art and all the causes. Celebrities are so talented in everything they do, and the fact that they make the effort and take the time to make mosaics and contribute to this really means so much to me.

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Q: How many times a week do you eat candy for dinner?

I don’t eat it for dinner! I eat it after dinner, and in between. Yes, for every other meal.