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Keeping some distance between you and your partner, emotionally or physically, is a good idea in July, when you both realize that ‘space’ is not the final frontier, to quote Star Trek, but a smart way of keeping your relationship on track. A friend who loves gardening or nature will be in touch, late in July, with a favor. You have unanswered questions too, Aries, about a little girl in your world. The answer is with one of her male family members. And did you know that you are sought after for your opinions by someone who actually has another reason for wanting to get to know you better? July is full of intriguing mysteries like this! Enjoy it, but stick to your fitness routine.


Essentials that belong to the past - with your finances, home, in-laws and so on - really need a closer look in July. Are you still hanging onto arrangements or habits that should have been left behind? A child or Millennial’s curiosity about a very demanding subject should be encouraged as he/she has the makings of a future career here. You are on your own for part of the time this month, which is a good thing, as you need to beat a retreat from everyone in order to think straight! You are still questioning who you are, how you should present yourself, and what it means to be ‘me’ in this current astrology cycle, with Uranus, the planet of change, in Taurus.


Sorting out your home, a job or an unpaid work commitment takes time but it will also save you time later this year, Gemini. July is a really good month to focus on your daily routine, efficiency, organization and lifestyle. A son or younger male relative has a question for you, but the real question is actually hidden and you may want to look at what is not being said. Your partner has his eyes on intriguing locations for a vacation, or even a relocation by 2020. This situation is too early to call, as there is not enough information yet, either on price, or the popularity of the destination. Do you both really want to be somewhere overcrowded again? Look to a ‘secret’ place.


They say fortune favors the bold. You will spend part of July breathing a little more deeply as you get ready for a genuinely bold (even daring) move! Cancer, the time has come to be courageous and take a big leap forward. Your partner will support you even if you realize you are on your own, with the decision. The family will applaud you. This is personal to you and has its roots in your distant past, going back to around 2000 or even 1981. An energetic, open, positive man who you knew in a former life at work, or college, has an offer for you by August. It is also time to be honest with yourself about a friend who drains your time or energy. Is it worth it?


You spent most of last year saying the same thing. You would never repeat a mistake or return to the same old situation. Now, in July, you wake up to find yourself back where you started! This is the famous Node cycle, when you go round on a loop. It takes a lot of willpower and self-knowledge to break that pattern, Leo, but it is there. A natural student, either in your family, or a friend of your circle, has so much curiosity that you feel moved to help out. In doing so, you also learn…and become a student of life yourself! This may be a skill like piano, for example, or nature care. A friend who has a casual invitation or offer that tempts you is offering so much more.


Allowing for others to be themselves only makes you a better person, as it also frees you up to express who you are. This applies on every level - appearance, attitude, personality and soul. You love feeling this way in July and actually, this new approach will become a way of life. You are not 100% convinced of a travel or vacation plan and may go back and forth with the options for two weeks. A male who has first-hand experience could be a good source of advice, here. Did you know you are in the running for a flattering position, important role or new project? You are being considered among a handful of names, but you’ll have to do more to convince.


The final stages of a project or plan that began as wishful thinking and became real last year, should be welcomed. It may feel like more effort, after a long stretch, but once this is done, you will feel great about the result, and more importantly, where it is taking you for 2020. That year will be very special and so rewarding! A dear friend who copies you a little, or copies others, will break away and find her own direction this month. Strangely enough you miss the flattering mimicry, Libra. You owe someone, or are owed, financially, or in a way which translates into money. Nothing has been said out loud, but there are ways to balance this. And your sign rules scales.


There are so many ways to get what you want, Scorpio, but you are the absolute mistress of the subtle negotiation, and in July will find a way to ease yourself into the right position with a male who is hard to persuade. This may be your father, husband, boss or a hard-work man in your social life. A younger woman, either your daughter or in the family circle, is finding her identity. This means she is testing her willpower against yours and likely, getting some people in her world offside. This is fine and part of life, but a kind (firm) word from your partner or another older insider could help guide her better. A truth-telling exercise seldom gets what anyone wants. Be careful.


July feels like the ‘almost’ start of a new cycle, which you can see over the horizon. It’s quite true that the astrology cycles of 2019 have stalled you, in terms of timing, but if you begin to pull things together for a fresh start in September and particularly October, you’ll be on track. Look at a key question about a car in the meantime. This may be your offspring’s driving lessons, or just the need for repairs - or using an environmentally-friendly car pool service. You will mix and match people for a social event and find two people get together as friends, or something more, which will come to affect your life in the nicest way in 2020. A friend who is always asking for something comes back to you. This time listen to what your partner has to say!


This is a great month for a long look back at your progress since 2018. It’s time for a mini life review, Capricorn. You got some of what you wanted and a lot of what you didn’t, but as that was down to other people (whom you cannot control) or their circumstances in life (which you also cannot control) it is time to let go. Release and move on. You have a lot to look forward to this summer, as you know, thanks partly to an offbeat friend who has her own eccentric way of operating. Getting together with like-minded people is fine, but sometimes you have more fun socializing with different characters, whom she attracts. A male who you are not sure about, in terms of his ethics or background, tempts you with an offer or invitation. Ask your partner’s view.


Sharing the load, organizing your time and efforts on a new roster, compromising and figuring out a new way forward, makes July a turning point. It is time to get yourself more time and as time also means money saved, or money made, you do need to roll up your sleeves and be ruthlessly practical about a new deal within the family, but also in your life outside home. This gives you space to be alone and enjoy the precious things about life, so you can stop and smell the roses, or just enjoy the butterflies. Slowing down, relaxing and appreciating life (and especially nature, or your garden) is not headline horoscope news, but it really matters, as you need to get some perspective back. Financial, property, business or work issues can be reassessed.


Everybody has an opinion about a matter best described as people politics. This is affecting you, your partner or a person at work. You are highly intuitive if you are typical of your sign, and many Pisces people are professional psychics or mediums. As you have a strong gut feeling about how to proceed, listen to your instincts. You also need to slow down and cool down several times in July. The heat is rising, in every sense of the word, and you need to play tactics. Fantastic results in your garden, with a pet project (literally a pet project) or an amazing idea will propel you into the second half of 2019. You’ll be thrilled you persisted and see great rewards.

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