By Sugey Palomares

Motherhood comes with endless pride, joy, and yes, societal judgements. Stevie Niki, the blogger of the My Tribe Of Six site, received backlash from some followers for her modern style and was asked by one person to “dress more like a mom.” Stevie had the best reaction--ever.

She wrote in an Instagram post, in part, “The other day someone said to me that I don’t dress like a mom and I shouldn’t wear what I do. There was even a comment about my clothing not being age appropriate. I was wearing this outfit. Umm what…excuse me? The 1950’s just telegrammed and they want their outdated views back.”

Stevie is referring to this look, which includes a t-shirt with sheer detail and ripped boyfriend jeans.

The mom blogger often preaches self-love and body acceptance, including loving your bikini body after having kids.

After Stevie shared her story, she received plenty of support from her followers. Some of the comments included:


Stevie is known for being very unfiltered about parenting and in this case, it’s much-needed. Moms are in the parenting trenches every single day. It’s hard work and the type of jeans you wear really have little significance compared to how you’re raising a child.

People should model a behavior that’s more caring, accepting and understanding. Because isn’t that the example we should be setting for our own children?

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