A recent Western Union survey says that 24% of consumers don't save at all, and that 39% don't pay their bills on time. Yikes! I'm really worried about family money stress, the messages kids are getting about spending, saving and giving.  We don't need studies to tell us that kids catch their parents' stress, although that research exists. If we're freaked out about money, they will be, too. And that's not only miserable for everyone, it doesn't give kids the basic skills they need for life. What to do? Maybe if we focus on the family in family finances, we'll all do better. A great way to learn is to teach, whether you're a professional in a classroom or the parent-teacher-leader person in the home. Lots of good stuff in this Family Circle story to make it work. Piece is written by Sarah Mahoney, one of our favorite writers who has raised five--count 'em!--teens.  I know a lot of parents will do for their kids what they won't necessarily do for themselves. So here's the deal: Teach your children well, and everybody wins. Make sense?