Online selling and swapping is simple with these websites and apps.

By Ariana Smith

While no longer a common Saturday morning sight, yard sales haven't disappeared—just relocated to the web, making them more accessible to all. No need to wake up at 6 a.m.! Buying and selling requires just a few strokes of the keyboard.

Buy/Sell Websites

Pare down and turn a profit, or stock up while sticking to a budget. Jump into the fast-growing world of online resale and teach your kids the value of that outgrown pair of jeans. Take the quality clothing that's been collecting dust in everyone's closets and ship it to thredUP for free. You may receive up to 40% of your chosen items' resale value up front. If you're looking to revamp your family's wardrobe, don't forget to peruse the cherry-picked bargain, basic, premium or designer brand pieces sold on the site. Sign up and start listing clothing and accessories in mere minutes. Bonus: You'll make the greatest profit possible from your gently used garb, because Tradesy takes only a 9% commission. To shop, browse by either designer or category, such as Specialty Sizes, which includes petite, plus and maternity clothing.

Swap Sites

Bookworms and gamers will be thrilled by the nearly never-ending supply of entertainment on these trading forums. This site facilitates the sharing of not just paperbacks but also hardcovers and audiobooks. Save on pricey textbooks too. Earn credits by listing and mailing out books, then use those credits to order from other members. With close to 5 million titles available, an infinite library is just a click away. Once your kids have played the same video games a few times, exchange those games for new ones or for LeapTrade credit that you can use later. With direct trading, no price markups and hassle-free shipping, this 2013 Webby Awards Official Honoree is sure to keep pace with your family's gaming needs.

Snap and Sell

If you're already into the online resale craze, you should know: There's an app for that!

Yardsale: Browse and buy from the comfort of your couch.

Poshmark: Attend in-app parties to buy and sell clothing. Think "Pretty Dresses" or "Animal Prints."

Threadflip: Upload photos of clothing, shoes and accessories that you're ready to part with, and once you have takers, ship the items with prepaid labels. Don't forget to do some browsing of your own.

Originally published in the April 2014 issue of Family Circle magazine.