Two companies are offering cash and prizes for correctly guessing the new cookie and candy flavors to be revealed soon.

By Sarah Wharton

Hi-Chew’s mystery flavor was revealed Oct. 13. (Spoiler alert: valencia orange.) It became the fourth flavor in its Halloween bags alongside sour lemon, sour grapefruit (personal swoon) and green apple. (We thought it might be lychee.) Did anyone guess correctly? Soon the jackpot of mystery-flavor revelations will be upon us: Oreo’s Mystery cookie.

If you want to win cash, enter the Oreo contest. You can submit one guess per day through November 30, when the contest ends. The reveal will be on December 11 (or thereabouts—the official rules apparently keep the specific date a mystery as well). The grand prize is $50,000. For eating a cookie. Or you could win one of five $10,000 prizes. For eating a cookie. But wait, there’s more! You get bonus entries if you submit a photo of yourself with the package of—or receipt for—Mystery Oreo.

My blank slate was compromised when I saw online banter positing that the Oreo flavor is Fruity Pebbles cereal milk. I’m in that camp, but my brain went right to Pillsbury Orange Sweet Roll icing. Not the cinnamon bun itself, just the icing. I forced my enthusiasm for mystery flavors on the rest of the Family Circle Test Kitchen, and they guessed the following:

Hi-Chew: Dragonfruit and “like Trident Tropical”

Oreo: Dreamsicle and lemon meringue

Find ’em. Taste ’em. Your initial investment is well worth the payoff!

Submit to the contests—and tell us your guesses.