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Go ahead, splurge a little! Not only do you deserve it, birthday girl, but you can swing it. This month you’ll be able to make or save a large sum of money—so you’ll have enough to cover looming holiday bills or, miraculously, you’ll find a free (and much-needed) algebra tutor for your teen. This is all thanks to a big financial decision you made between 1995 and 2008 that will now begin to pay off—slowly at first, then with a huge gain next year. There should be enough extra cash to pay for a second honeymoon or that girlfriends’ getaway you’ve been dreaming about, so start planning.


If you have always dreamed of being the lucky recipient of a makeover, you should be very happy by this time next year. A new look is in store for you—even if you organize it yourself with a little help from your teen. In other cases, you may be quite content with your personal appearance, yet be overdue for a relaunch of your look online. (When was the last time you changed your Pinterest profile photo or updated your details on LinkedIn?) Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in Sagittarius, your own sign, for the first time in over a decade. From the final week of the month until just after Christmas Day, you will be in the spotlight and your social media popularity will increase. Your family will congratulate you on achievements or an impressive new volunteer role or title in 2019. This new cycle signals a time for your rebirth.


The time has come to seek more time and space for yourself, Capricorn, as you enter a cycle designed to help you address the most private issues you may have. Whatever difficulty you’ve been struggling with or avoiding (think: difficulty opening up to your partner, a phobia, a childhood trauma) it’s time to focus on it. This will be made easier within weeks for one (or more) reasons: Perhaps changes with your family allow you more quiet time. Or you will hear of a workshop, class or retreat which is designed to let you focus on yourself. Or the right counsellor, advisor or self-help book will be at your fingertips shortly. This new cycle (which extends for around 12 months) will be of tremendous benefit to you. Whatever your story, you will be supported.


You will be thrilled to see a holiday card or party invitation from someone who means a great deal to you, but fell off your radar. This reunion will result in some terrific plans for 2019. Are you a fan of social media? Instagram, Pinterest or some other social network will certainly be a fan of you over the coming months, as by 2019 you will either increase your friends and followers, or find exactly the right space to meet new people online. It’s enough to make your kid jealous. Your sign is associated with people power and you know how a community or network can make a difference. When you are asked to do this, over winter, your family will support you with amazing results next year.


Even though some of your ambitions seem like daydreams, in all cases your chances of achieving your biggest and best goals will skyrocket from November. By this time next year, you will have achieved higher status or success, partly as a result of tremendous improvements within your marriage or family life, but also thanks to your own hard work. You are going up in the world, or at least within your own neighborhood, thanks to flattering new roles or accomplishments ahead, which will add to your journey so much. If you want to expand your role as Mom, know that it may be through your younger relatives (nieces, godchildren) that you spread your wings.


Lucky, Aries, you have good news on the horizon. Whether it’s a fabulous one-day indulgence or a one-week getaway, a dream vacation is in store for you soon. Also, a high percentage of Aries women will move—or at least think about moving—to a new home in a dramatically different environment next year. Finally, think back and see if you can remember any significant events in your family from around 19 years ago. A cycle returns this month and all the good karma you earned at that time will come back to you, partly as a result of this terrific vacation or new home location. If your child is now around 18, 19 years old, for example, he or she will be rewarding you somehow. Embrace and enjoy any fantastic offers or opportunities that come your way.


You’re well-known for your budget skills and this is the month to put them to use. Thanks to that savvy, you’re about to remove a financial, business or property stumbling block, no matter how long it has been there. You will make or save a considerable amount of money within weeks and should have a completely different budget for 2019, as one obstacle will soon be out of the way. This may be because of your partner’s pay raise or bonus. In other cases, it may be family money which helps, or your bank may suddenly emerge with new offers. Finally, this is a good time to look at the property market, the value of your home, rent increases, mortgage interest rates and plans for your neighborhood. Truly pay attention to that message, Tauruses, if you purchased in 2000 or 2001.


Thanks to an astrological interlude, your marriage and family life are set to hit a wonderful peak between now and late 2019. You and your partner are entering the best cycle in 12 years for problem-solving and together you will be celebrating a major achievement within weeks. Think: news of a child’s college success, an increase in the value of your home, planning a second honeymoon or business success for you both. Gemini, if you are still facing issues in your marriage tied to events which affected your happiness between 1995-2008, you will be thrilled to find a solution via counselling, a legal decision, or a very amicable separation. Bottom line, no matter what your relationship situation, things are looking up.


If you embrace the opportunities being offered to you this month, your health, fitness and well-being will hit a high by the time you’re making New Year’s Eve resolutions. Whether you need to shed pounds, increase your strength or successfully manage a medical issue, you’ll be delighted to find the right advice, at the right time and the right price. (It may even be free). Cancer, you will have to do the work, but the resources you need (one example may be a new gym opening nearby) will be there shortly. Don’t be surprised if your partner agrees that it is time for improvements to your home which make it fun and easy to grow your own food or makeover the kitchen for 2019.


You will be thrilled to see any issues that your child is struggling with disappear by the new year thanks to an introduction that is made or advice being given in the coming weeks. In some cases, you may have become accepting of your son’s progress or daughter’s level of happiness in life—so you’ll be truly surprised by what a big leap your child is about to take. You’re about to take a big leap as well. A prestigious job, terrific vacation or outstanding outcome of your hard work is in store and it will make a big difference to your life. Ready for a bombshell? Leo, you could easily welcome a new baby into the family by this time next year, and you yourself may even conceive by Thanksgiving! A godchild, niece or nephew may also be introduced into the family shortly.


Problems that have nagged you for years can be overcome in this new cycle. In fact, you will be thrilled by the way fate takes a hand in helping you with them over the next 12 months. By the time you read this you may be in the midst of renovations, redecoration or long overdue repairs for your home—or you could just be considering them. In other cases, you will be moving to a better neighborhood and superior new residence. A second home, holiday home or property investment that is timed to perfection may also be possible by this time next year. This new cycle develops in stages, but the very first stage will be evident soon. So get ready! You’ll also want to be on the lookout for a new addition joining your family next year. Being introduced to your teen’s boyfriend or girlfriend or attending a wedding in 2019 may bring a very welcome, well-connected new addition to your ranks.


Libra, if you have any issues affecting communication with others, these will be overcome by 2019. Whether it’s your connection with your husband or distance obstructing your relationship with a best friend, pay attention to some clues you may be getting now about how to fix things. And do follow up on what you hear. Is the internet important to you? Within weeks you will be pleased to see opportunities, offers and improvements which make a difference to your happiness with the web and everything on it. This may be social media, a blog, YouTube channel, or fully serviced website. Watch for faster broadband speeds, more affordable rates for the whole family to use and other advantages this month. But don’t worry. You will be given a second chance to go back and snap up any deals you missed, next year.

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