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A financial agreement (maybe regarding your investments, home, business, charity or possessions) will be in flux starting October 5th. Read any fine print carefully and have a Plan B ready with your partner in case your Plan A falls through. If possible, wait until the Full Moon near the 24th to find out more information and cover yourself for changes, delays or even a U-turn in November. Ready for a change of scenery? You and your family will be very happy with one of the most ambitious vacations of your life or even a relocation in 2019. The travel plans will start unfolding in a small way on the 31st of this month when important news reaches you. Dream big, as you are approaching your luckiest cycle in 12 years for travel.


Venus, the planet of relationships, and Mercury, the planet of communication, are not moving normally across the skies. As a result, you will not know where you stand with your former or current partner (or both) until next month. Expect changes of plans or a waiting game that could, unfortunately, last weeks. While you’re waiting for relationship clarity, start making a wish list for financial goals for next 2019! Next year will be one of your best years in over a decade to save or make money. Early clues about how you’ll pay for your kid’s college or find the cash to for some home improvements will appear as Halloween draws closer.


Prepare for a slew of missed emails, rescheduled appointments and school notes gone astray. Your ruling planet, Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is misbehaving this month. Keep your calendar flexible to pick up the slack and keep your head up—wonderful things are in store for you and your partner by the new year. You could improve your home, take a second honeymoon or even welcome a new child. The first signs of the change will appear on the very last day of October.


At least one heath goal you have on the horizon is absolutely attainable in 2019, so think about a major accomplishment you’d like to achieve (losing weight, running a half marathon, giving up smoking) and start planting the seeds now. Information that helps you succeed will appear in the final week of October, so be on the lookout. You’ll need to adapt and adjust to delays, changes or cancellations of plans involving your kids over next two months. Whether it’s a class change at your teen’s school or something regarding the upcoming holiday breaks, try to keep your cool and be flexible.


Leo, we have not one but two planets preparing to track backwards across the sky in the home zone of our horoscope. You’ll need ot be prepared for reversals, delays and changes affecting your family’s plans on everything from home repairs to relocating to a new home in October. Read the details on agreements with builders, contractors or movers very carefully—even if you’re just taking a short trip and using an Air BNB. Expect any projects involving your kid(s) to reward you enormously in 2019, with the first hint of what’s to come around Halloween. Your teen could excel in college or in a first career by this time next year.


The devil is in the details this month for you, Virgo. Your ruler, Mercury, is in shadow retrograde now. That means you can expect an extra helping of chaos when it comes to anything related to communication (like your computer, cell phone or even snail mail) by November. Don’t buy a new laptop for your kid or launch a website to sell your handmade crafts, without reading the fine print very carefully. You’ll also want to peruse the news in the final days of October. There will be announcements, advertisements or even listings to your advantage when it comes to creating your dream home. That could mean a great deal on renovations, inspiration for redecoration or even a move to a better neighborhood or bigger place.


Gather up your receipts and get your facts straight. Around the 10th of October one of your most important discussions of the year will happen and it’ll be all about household finances. You and your partner (in love, business or both!) will need an economic reality check thanks to your ruler, Venus, the planet of relationships, stirring up questions about all things that can get you in the black. There’s good news on the horizon around the 19th of October. Keep your eyes open for a wonderful opportunity that you must act quickly on—finalizing any details by the 29th to benefit you, your husband or your children. You only see this cycle once every 12 years, Libra, so take advantage of who or what is being offered now as November and December bring delays.


Planning to overhaul your image? Go for it—but have a Plan B ready if your first attempt at changing your hair color or revamping your wardrobe doesn’t work out. The horoscope zone that presides over your personal appearance is, well, complicated in October and November. You may be rescheduled for that weight loss program consultation or find you need a refund on those new color contacts. On the brighter side, this could be the perfect time to save or make a substantial amount of cash. Whatever venture you’re considering, sit down you’re your partner and look at what the numbers tell you on the final day of the month, do the math to see if they add up to big potential in 2019 and then dive in. It may take weeks to become final but you can bank on next year.


That secret you’ve been keeping? You’re thinking about coming clean, possibly because the details are now of interest to your children, partner or friends all over again. It’s an extremely sensitive matter so expect to go back and forth for weeks before you make your decision over whether to bare your soul or stay silent. Get ready for a new year where you’ll debut a new look that suits you perfectly. Changes to your hair, shape and style are coming, thanks to news that will reach you in the closing days of October. You may not act on anything for weeks or find that an initial plan is hit by delays. Hold a strong vision of a new you, despite these hiccups, as the exact professional person or treatment you want will appear in 2019.


You will not know where you stand with your circle of friends—and one old friendship in particular—until next month. Even then, Capricorn, there may be a reversal, repeated rescheduling or a rethink of the initial plans you have with them. Anything from your kid’s soccer game getting rescheduled to a PTO meeting going long could be involved, so keep your diary flexible and have Plan B and maybe Plan C. The New Year is around the corner and you may have a private resolution about a sensitive matter. You may even have buried or forgotten this matter but it surfaces at Halloween.To your joy, you will fix issues in 2019 thanks to therapy, hypnosis, a self-help book or a workshop.


You will be asked to renew an old friendship, or begin a new one, as the month ends. This is the start of something wonderful, as this person is a guardian angel sent to deliver great things to your door in 2019. Meanwhile, your partner’s career and your own paid (or unpaid) work will be strongly affected by the changes and delays of October and November. Be patient when plans are announced or declarations are made. New appointments, mergers and 2019 policy shifts in large organizations are in flux for weeks, so for a smooth Thanksgiving, allow for the fact that there may be a long waiting game—or even a reversal of plans. A promotion may take weeks to formalize, for example, or volunteer work you do could be renegotiated more than once.


Pisces, you are on track for a very special new role or title in 2019, with a hint of what is to come at the end of October. This may be paid or unpaid work, but you will love what comes with the task and could easily find your greatest success in years, by Halloween 2019. At the moment, you must start small but think big, as the niche you deserve is slowly opening up for you, either within the family, the community, or a large organization. Make sure you have travel insurance for your family vacation now through January. Anything from strikes to extreme weather could easily disrupt your plans thanks to a couple of planets appearing to travel backwards in your horoscope. Keep a flexible calendar and double-check plans more than you usually do.

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