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It must feel as if you go backwards and forwards with every health-related discussion you have, with your partner. Under the circumstances, you may want to make crucial decisions relating to your partner’s (or your own) body, wellbeing or diet another time. You’ll get an incredible amount of information about your partner’s state of mind, just by talking – or Googling an issue which repeats. If your priority is your ex partner, you’ll be amazed at how much you can find out about his/her situation. Children? Time to turn to your intuition. Gut feelings, hunches, omens or psychic information is just as important as rational thinking, when college/jobs come first.


Male friends or relatives who are famously poor at returning phone calls, text messages or e-mails, may be unreliable at this time. Taurus you are so patient, but when your son, father, nephew or similar - says ‘Umm’ or ‘Oh’ or ‘I’m not really sure’ or ‘I’ll call you’ – too often - remember the thrill of shaking up a snowdome and watched the flakes whirling around before they settle, and shake the situation up. Fantastic female friends have a social event you’ll love now. An intriguing twist on an old skill, like gardening, painting or cooking, will win you praise and have you dreaming about new part-time income or education. Hang onto that vision for 2020.


Powerful family members will be on your radar at this time, because various discussions, letters, e-mails, calls or actual meetings will be unfolding. This is not a good time to make or accept a new arrangement or deal though! There will be x factors you cannot possibly know about, now having a domino effect on you, and your life. All the more reason to delay big decisions about this relative, who calls the shots emotionally, financially or psychologically. Big changes in your home, local area or at work bring a period of renovation, improvement or rebuilding. This is progress!


For you and your partner, October is when you’ll do most of the number-crunching and fact-finding. Cancer, some of the most important financial, business and property issues of the year will need strong decisions as you go towards Halloween. This can be a really valuable time to research money-related questions, and do your homework on banks, property prices, leases, legal matters, investments and other complex issues. Your child’s friend has parents you barely know, yet there will be a tempting invitation you can’t pass up, to socialize. You’ll love what comes out of it.


We have some powerful horoscope weather now, triggering financial, business or property matters in your life, and you need to be aware of this if Cancer or another Leo is involved. No matter which sign is connected to a pre-Halloween question, do be aware of the need to balance the heart with the head. Sure, this is personal, as your partner or a relative is involved - but seek an outside opinion if you can. A child’s vacation or internship plans become firmer, more positive and better news fro all of you, once an unsuitable option is scrapped. Oh, and expect a reunion event.


Travel or relocation plans are very likely for Thanksgiving or New Year – or you’ll be laying the groundwork for a future trip, or move, in mid 2020. It’s an excellent time to research the town or country you have in mind, as you’ll be given access to a wide range of sources and information networks to help you. If you are laying the groundwork for a holiday, or even a new life in a new place, you may not necessarily be aware of it at this time! In the months or years ahead, though, you’ll realise that all the ‘homework’ you did at this time, had a special part to play. P.S. Your partner is working too hard or taking too much responsibility home. Be gently persuasive.


You have a major decision to research between Halloween and Thanksgiving involving two family members. You can gather a lot of information very quickly at this time, and should have a better hit rate than usual, in terms of returned calls and e-mails, or returned correspondence. The main rule with this cycle? Balance the right brain with the left brain. Balance your head and your heart, because the rational, logical answer which affects all of you, isn’t always the best one! Did you know that a couple in your world has parted company? It may not be public yet. Ask discreetly.


The relationship you have with people from other cultures, regions and countries takes you to a key decision which affects 2020. The potential for confusion, delays and communication glitches is very high with these people or organisations, though! Give yourself a safety net if a decision is pending. Education (from weekend workshops, to seminars, to college degree courses) is an intensely personal matter for a family member now and you may have to park your own opinions at the door. A situation which would not have arisen without the power of social media or the web will demand time and energy by the third week. Sometimes talking is the best way.


This cycle is perfect for finding out everything you needed to know about your role at home, but were afraid to ask. Sagittarius, one important issue which relates to your lifestyle, satisfaction and the quality of the relationship with your partner, will now go to the top of your list, and a lot of phone calls, questions, e-mails or website visits will follow. Just remember that what appears to be the logical or rational answer, is not necessarily the right one. What about your feelings? You’ll need time and space to sort that out. Meanwhile, a single friend wants your help. You’ll have time and space, of course, but beware over-complicating life with other people.


This is probably the networking cycle for you in 2019. Keep every business card, and reply to every e-mail. Information about your life, and particularly your partner’s career -  which is hard to get at other times - will be parked right under your nose now. Expect a lot of meaningful socializing, facts-gathering, and analysis – but bring your ESP and feelings along too. There is more to a pre-Halloween situation than first appears. A part of your old life from pre-2000 will return to you in mid-October. You and a female from that time must settle up - there is some karma to repay here.


If an old friend re-enters your life now, he or she will connect you to a large network of people online so don’t lose those details. If you make a new friend at this time, this man or woman will also open up your world, either online, or through a whole chain of invitations and introductions. Meanwhile, that school or college-era person who has been there forever suddenly goes to the top of your list, and you find yourself with a lot of questions. A group, club, team, organization, association or social network will also take up your partner’s energy now. If you are both involved with some kind of group, and it’s central to your life, expect memorable victories.


Pisces, you’ll be given more time and space for yourself in October, so do use this time to find solutions to all those unanswered questions you may have. You will be amazed at the number of resources, and sources, which become available to do this, following a female’s intervention. The right brain will rule, so you’ll find yourself thinking more logically and rationally now. The relationship between your child and your partner is now easier to see. These two souls are very different, but what binds opinion is your own influence, as you are at your sensitive, near-psychic best, now.