Pro tips on hosting from George Duran, chef, TV host and winner of the 2016 Good Morning America Super Bowl snack showdown. 

By Chef George Duran
Photo by Getty Images


Always offer a minimum of two kinds of appetizers.

  • 6 pieces per person if you’re also serving a “main course” like chili or pizza
  • 12 pieces per person if the whole party is apps 


1/2 lb per person. We’re talking about the total of all the meat you’re offering, whether that’s charcuterie, deli meat or ground meat in cooked dishes.


2 to 3 slices per person


4 oz per person


1 family-size bag per 3 people

Salsa & Dips

4 oz per person. It’s good to have spicy and mild options. 


Per person:

  • 4 beers
  • 1/2 bottle of wine
  • 1/4 bottle of liquor


2 lbs per person


2 to 4 pieces per person. If you’re serving more than one kind of dessert, cut each into bite-size pieces so people can sample.

Pretzel trick

Easiest-yet-smartest party trick ever: Make a platter of all different shapes of pretzels—rods, twists, nuggets, you name it—and serve with as many different kinds of mustard as you can manage.

Bulk up 

If you’re buying for a large crowd but don’t live near a warehouse store, try You can get bulk versions of chips, salsa, candy, condiments and more delivered.


For thinner napkins, 3 per person. ∧ For the thicker kind, 2 should suffice. ∧ Add several extra as a buffer. 

Paper towels 

1 roll per 6 people. Don’t waste napkins on big spills. 

Toilet paper

1 roll per 4 people. Leave backup rolls in view (and within grabbing distance!) in your bathroom so guests don’t have to search. 

Paper plates

  • 2 regular-size paper plates per person
  • 2 smaller paper plates per person for desserts 

Plastic utensils

2 of each utensil per person ensures there’s a supply of backups in case anyone loses a fork.

Stain remover pens

2—some shirts and laps will thank you!