Whether the family pet is a dog or a cat (or something else entirely), here's everything you need to make sure the four-legged member of your family fits in with the rest of your brood.

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Ways to Calm Your Pets

How to put your scaredy cat and fraidy dog at ease.
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Brush Up on Your Pet's Dental Hygiene

You’d never go weeks without using a toothbrush—and neither should your pet. When left untreated, gum disease can cause bacterial infections, pain and even tooth loss. Here’s how to keep your pet’s pearlies in good condition.
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You’re Definitely Not Taking Enough Care of Your Pet’s Teeth

Sure, you let your fur baby chew on a gum-cleaning toy here and there, but you need to do a lot more.
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Should Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You?

Some people wouldn’t dream of not cuddling with their furry friend in bed each night, while others are firmly in the no-pets-in-bed camp. Who’s right?
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How to Become a Pet Foster Parent

All the perks of adopting a pet—with only a fraction of the responsibility.