A treat here and there can keep your dog in good spirits. The five below are loaded with healthy ingredients.

By Family Circle Editors
Photo by Anna Berrill

Strong Joints

Before you need a doggie chiropractor (Google it—it’s a thing), consider these tasty heart-shaped treats. Glucosamine may help keep your pup’s joints healthy, while green tea extract aids with alertness and turmeric freshens breath. “I and love and you” Hip Hoppin’ Hearties, iandloveandyou.com, $6/5 oz 

Increased Vitality

Sure to release your dog’s endorphins, this dairy-free frozen snack contains strawberries and apples, plus coconut and flaxseed oils to help keep pups active. Don’t be surprised if they lap up the entire tub. Billy + Margot Strawberry & Apple Recipe Iced Treat, petsmart.com, $7/5.4 oz

Total Relaxation

For the dog that gets easily stressed or anxious, these calming biscuits may be just what the doctor ordered: They’re made with mood-soothing lavender. Bocce’s Bakery Bedtime Tea Treats, boccesbakery.com, $5.50/5 oz 


Healthy Hair

The standout ingredient in these grain-free treats is salmon—loaded with calcium, phosphorous and omega-3 fatty acids to help your pup’s coat and skin stay in top condition. Wellness WellBites Lamb and Salmon Recipe, petsmart.com, $9/6 oz 

Overall Well-Being

Superfoods for dogs—why not?! These treats are packed with ingredients like butternut squash (for potassium), carrots (for vitamins A and K) and apricots (rich in antioxidants) to aid digestion and boost energy. Zuke’s SuperFood Blend with Vibrant Veggies, chewy.com, $6/6 oz