Raise your paw in welcome to the American hairless terrier and the sloughi.

By Jessie Van Amburg

Above: The AKC welcomes two new breeds: the Sloughi (left) and the American Hairless Terrier (right).

Dog lovers, get excited! Last week, the American Kennel Club announced that it was adding two new dog breeds to its elite registry: the American hairless terrier and the sloughi. "We're excited to welcome these two unique breeds into the AKC family," said Vice President Gina DiNardo in a statement.

Official breed recognition is a complicated process. A breed must have a national club and then compete in the Miscellaneous show class, generally for up to three years. For owners of these two breeds, the status upgrade means their dogs will be eligible to compete in AKC events this year, and in the Westminster Dog Show starting in 2017.

These dogs certainly aren't what you'd normally find at a pet store. The American hairless terrier is an allergy-friendly pup, related to the rat terrier. It originally hails from the American South and is an energetic, curious animal. The sloughi is in the hound group, with its origins in Africa. It has lots of energy and requires lots of room to run and exercise. Known as Arabian greyhounds, these dogs were cherished for hundreds of years for their speed and endurance before they came to the United States in the late '70s.

For more info about the new dog breeds, visit the American Kennel Club website. And keep your eyes peeled for sightings the next time you visit the dog park!

Photo credit: The American Kennel Club