The embarrassing, the adorable and the wonderfully weird.

By Ardenis Perez • Illustrations Daniel Fishel

Forget high-fives and rolling over. You told us on Facebook about some of the clever tricks you taught your pets.  

“Our dog Evie rings a bell to go outside.” —Carrie Mills Tabar

“I taught my Siamese cat to kiss me goodbye before I left for work.” —Susan Cross Saunders

“I had a parakeet that barked like a dog.” —Joyce Dellinger

“Bastian, our cat, pees in the toilet!” —Chris Flanagan

“We taught our Jack Russell to play dead. We just pointed our finger at her and said ‘bang’ and she would fall over.” —Joy Whitlock

Most pets know not to bother you while you’re sleeping. Here’s how often they wake you up in the middle of the night.


1 in 5 readers admit their pet has caused them an injury—from bites and cuts to trips and falls—but you still love ’em.

How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?  

“My rescue husky mix turned 7 years old and got a burger and a vanilla ice cream cone.” —Wendy Beaver Smith

“A doggie cake, a new toy and lots of love!” —Amy L. Edler

“They get a BBQ lamb dinner.” —Karen Saitowitz

“We take our dog Scooter to Petco for a visit, McDonald’s for a hamburger, DQ for a Pup Cup and then for a long walk.” —Dena Walczynski-Filipovich

51% of you opted to adopt from a shelter vs. 25% who took in a stray.

What's the weirdest thing your pet ever ate?

Gummy bears



Candle wax