The Best New Tech for Your Pet

There's a new breed of products for keeping four-legged friends safe and happy.

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Keeping Tabs


Ever wonder what your pets are up to when they’re home alone? The iFamCare Helmet Video Monitor (, $100) can provide insight. The HD camera takes daytime and nighttime photos and videos that you can view on its app (Android and iOS, free). It even allows you to remotely activate an integrated laser to entertain your dog or cat.

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Chilling Out


For pets who suffer from separation anxiety or get nervous around guests, Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes (, $60) may be the cure. Each Bluetooth speaker is preloaded with 90 minutes of gentle and melodic compositions clinically proven to calm jittery dogs, cats, birds or horses. By eliminating high and low frequencies, which can cause fight-or-flight behavior, the songs create a soothing listening experience.


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Scaling Down


Determining the correct serving size now has an extra level of personalization with the PetKit FRESH Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl (, $45). Its companion app (Android and iOS, free) shows you how much food is appropriate based on your pet’s weight and breed. Pour in the food using the bowl’s built-in scale as your guide. The anti-microbial waterproof outer shell keeps bowls bacteria-free, while the tilted rim allows furry pals to eat comfortably.

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Finding Fido


Be prepared the next time your pet pulls a disappearing act. Track down your dog or cat with Whistle 3 (, $80, plus a monthly plan starting at $7), a GPS pet tracker and activity monitor. Attach it to their collar and download the app (Android and iOS, free) to see their exact location on a map.