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Only the best make The American Kennel Club's list of Most Popular Breeds of 2014. Different as can be, these five pups really got tails wagging. 

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Labrador Retriever


The Lab is America's most popular canine for the 24th consecutive year! His sociable nature (even with strangers), easy trainability and kid-friendly temperament have made him a welcome addition to families for decades. 


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German Shepherd


Energetic, confident and fun-loving, this pooch has ties to the White House too. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife got their German shepherd, Champ, after the 2008 presidential election. 

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Video: Dog Expressions and What They Mean

Dog Expressions and What They Mean

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Golden Retriever


With his exceptional fetching skills, it’s no wonder Buddy from Disney’s Air Bud series was the star player on his basketball, football and soccer teams. A perceptive personality makes this canine ideal for guiding the blind. 

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Best known for his distinctively squished face and goofy underbite, this breed is courageous and proud, making him a prime watchdog. And while not very active, he’s the most popular mascot among NCAA Division I colleges, with at least a dozen schools to his credit. 



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Thought to be named after the French word for loudmouth, the “talkative” yapper is famous for his curiosity and keen sense of smell. No wonder U.S. Customs and Border Protection boasts a Beagle Brigade, which inspects airport luggage for illegal products coming into the States.

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