Baby, it's cold outside! Keep your dog safe and warm with three cold weather essentials.

By Jessie Van Amburg

Just because your pet has a nice fur coat doesn't mean he's equipped for frosty temperatures. Animals are just as vulnerable as people are to cold weather. Keep your fur baby safe this season with our top three winter gear essentials:

1. A warm jacket. Short-haired animals especially need a jacket when the temperature dips below freezing. Look for one that hits from the neck to the base of the tail.

We like: Ultra Paws Dog Winter Coat,, $32 and Loft Dog Jacket,, $30.

2. Snug protective boots. You wouldn't go on a walk in bare feet, right? Neither should your dog. Boots protect the paw pads from freezing sidewalks and ice-melt chemicals. Rubber ones have a snug fit and may feel lighter on your pet's feet.

We like: Pawz Dog Boots, for retailers, $14-$20 for pack of 12.

3. A pet-safe ice melt. You can't control what everyone uses, but you can keep your own yard snow-free without using chemicals that irritate your pet's skin.

We like: Morton Safe-T-Pet Ice Melt, Walmart stores, $11 for 8lb.

Photo credit: Kurgo