Op-Ed: Another day, another example that racism is still very much alive, and people always find a way to profit from it in some form or another. Amazon recently pulled a product line featuring the phrase "Slavery Gets Sh*t Done" from its offerings.

By Family Circle Online Editors
Photo by ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images


Amazon has removed an entire line of merchandise that featured the phrase "Slavery Gets S**t Done" on its products after receiving a ton of backlash on Twitter. A third-party seller was hawking tote bags, coffee mugs, tee shirts, and even baby bibs with the offensive wording. In addition to the phrase, the products featured what appeared to be Egyptian pyramids, which were built using slave labor. See an edited family-friendly version of the coffee mug below. The Daily Mail has a full look at all of the products here.

Photo via screen shot from The Daily Mail

This comes on the heels of a similar story from H&M earlier this month. The clothing retailer pulled offensive photos of a young black male modeling a hoodie with the wording "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" emblazoned across the chest. If that weren't bad enough—and it is—juxtapose that with the young white male modeling the hoodie that read "Mangrove Jungle Survival Expert." Some said it was not a coincidence. See this Family Circle article for the full story.

At what point do big companies like Amazon and H&M implement measures to prevent these kinds of mistakes? Sure, they have policies in place to aid in that effort, but products continue to make it to their sites in 2018. They should not have to pull this kind of merchandise after the fact—the products should never make it to the sites in the first place.