Maintaining a happy family is hard enough without having to worry about your friends or your husband. Here, experts share their best tips on how to be a better mother, wife and friend.

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The Most Important Conversations You and Your Partner Need to Have ASAP

When you've been together as long as you two have, it's easy to let your relationship go into auto-pilot mode. But these four questions will help you get things out in the open—and back on track.
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Caring for Your Aging Parents

Being in the middle of the sandwich generation can feel like a bunch of baloney. We can help, with answers to some of the most common questions.
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How to Start an Emotional Clean Sweep

Springtime is not just for decluttering the house. What if we could do the same thing internally, and go at the inner closet that holds everything we don’t know how to deal with (and that looms larger the longer it sits unattended)?
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The True Few Friends in Your Life

Mom was right: Our girlfriends are one of the best support systems we'll have in life. Hold on the the real ones.
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Introducing Advice Guru Liz Pryor

Author, speaker and advice expert Liz Pryor joins Family Circle and brings her wisdom—and often levity!—to complicated life issues. Come say "hi."
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Modern Life: Behind the Scenes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Fancy footwork comes in handy for Rockette mom Teneise Mitchell Ellis as she high-kicks her way through 16 shows a week.