Kelly Fedio on how her fit family stays in motion.

By Suzanne Rust

Kelly Fedio, 45, president, One Savvy Life; Lyla, 9; Kierra, 12; and Luke Fedio, 42, senior sales representative, Medtronic

If physicist Isaac Newton were alive today, he could easily use the Fedios to illustrate his first law of motion—a body in motion stays in motion. This fit family makes the most of California's healthy vibe and climate to enjoy an array of activities throughout the year, like surfing, volleyball, basketball, skateboarding—even simulated skydiving. How they got to be such Energizer bunnies is in part thanks to the family patriarch. "The motivating factor would be Luke," says Kelly. "He was a college athlete and has always encouraged the kids to try different sports until something sticks."

Surfing was what stuck most with the couple's older daughter. "Kierra has such a deep passion for surfing that we relocated to Southern California to foster her love of the sport," reveals Kelly. "She'll gladly wake up at 5:30 in the morning to surf the best conditions. We used to have to drive 60 to 90 minutes to get to the beach, so we finally decided to move to it. Now we're five blocks away." Kierra enjoys participating in surf competitions and the adrenaline rush she gets while waiting for her scores. She also cherishes her friendships with other surfers. Younger sister Lyla is most fond of soccer. "Lyla loves playing defense and hearing the cheers when she makes a good play. She adores the camaraderie of being part of her team," says Kelly.

The couple see the positive effects sports have had on their daughters. "We want our girls to be challenged and prepared to handle high-pressure situations when they get older," notes Kelly. "Win or lose, we expect them to give their best effort, and we hope this transfers to other aspects of their lives."

Above all, Kelly and Luke are proud that their girls are polite, kind, caring and sensitive to others' feelings. "We love how inquisitive Kierra is about life and what the future holds," Kelly shares. "Lyla is a sweet little spitfire who is very affectionate and always makes us laugh." Kelly says that having children has transformed how she and Luke view things. "Our girls look at the world with wonder and curiosity. This makes every day more precious and fulfilling."

Fulfillment for this entire fit family comes from the joy of being active, both on weekends and during the week. They all surf and cycle, and Kelly and Lyla run. What's on the bucket list for this busy crew? For Lyla it's hip-hop dancing; Kierra, yoga and snowboarding; Luke, mixed martial arts; and Kelly, kickboxing and ballroom dancing. We have no doubt that those will be their next moves.

You said your husband was a big inspiration, but how and when did you personally start getting involved in different sports and activities?

Although I played some team sports as a kid, I was never what I consider to be an athlete. I just liked staying active and trying different things. I've always been very regimented about exercising in general, especially running. Throughout the years, I've remained open to trying new things to stay fit, whether it be yoga, spinning, hiking, etc.

Do you manage to exercise every day? If not, do you notice a big difference in your energy and mood when you don't?

Yes, I absolutely have to exercise every day. I am obsessive about it. I need to have that endorphin rush pumping through my veins or I just don't feel quite right. After a run (my exercise of choice) I feel like I can conquer the world, both mentally and physically. It's highly addictive, but I guess there are worse things to be addicted to!

What advice would you give other families to motivate them to get out and exercise more?

If exercising isn't already an established routine, take small steps and build on them every day. Walk around the block once, then the next day twice, and so on. Try to vary it, like three days a week biking, three days walking and maybe one day playing Xbox exercise games. Work your way up to one hour of solid activity. Maybe once a week, as a special treat, pick a place to walk to where you can grab a small indulgence, like a lemonade or a smoothie. During walks, I also like to challenge the girls to do short sprints and they love to compete and see who wins. Make it non-negotiable, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower: It has to be done.

Tell me more about your new company.

I launched my ecommerce company One Savvy Life in 2014. We're a lifestyle brand and offer cool everyday products that make life a little more fun, like our popular fruit infuser water bottle. We had records sales this past holiday season and were wiped out of stock on several of our products. We have big plans to grow and expand this year and beyond. I wanted to have my own Internet-based business that I could run from anywhere and build on my own terms rather than working for somebody else. It's been amazing and I look forward to what the future will bring.

Photography: Gretchen Easton